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PCG Digital Marketing specializes in Internet marketing, social networking and search engine optimization and was founded by Brian Pasch in 2005. The PCG Digital Marketing has clients than span a diverse list of industries.  You can learn more about their services by visiting their website at:

Brian Pasch is an 19 year veteran of the Information Technology industry. His career has spanned both management and technology roles. He is known for his expertise in consumer data warehousing models, consumer response marketing, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. Brian is an avid writer and is a specialist in Internet Reputation Management, Internet Marketing and Automotive SEO strategies for car dealers.

The PCG Digital Marketing has national and international clients in a number of diverse industries and professions; automotive dealers, entertainment, financial services, manufacturing, medical, food service, real estate and consumer goods.  Brian Pasch continues to lead research into Internet Marketing platforms to help business owners more effectively marketing their goods and services on the Internet.

PCG Digital Marketing

The PCG Digital Marketing strives to advise business owners on the best techniques and practices for Internet Marketing.  The degree our clients implement our Internet marketing recommendations is directly related to their search marketing success.  We do not hold our clients to an annual contract.  We offer training to our clients to encourage them to participate in key Internet Marketing tasks.

The PCG Digital Marketing strives to provide the best advice for business owners who want to market their business on the Internet.  We post our client list on our website because we are confident that our clients are satisfied with our work.  We have dozens of five star reviews of our client base posted on public websites like Google, Yahoo Local, Driving Sales and Yelp.

If you are looking for passionate marketing professionals that work around the clock for your business, give the PCG Digital Marketing a call at; 732-450-8200.