Remote Retailing Resources

Dealers can leverage resources Brian has created to improve remote retailing strategies

The evolution of automotive retail has been hyper-accelerated due to the COVID pandemic as dealers reacted to the limitations imposed by stay-at-home orders and business closures. Today, dealers are more open to embracing collaborative online selling and giving consumers choice of buying options including contactless sales.

Brian has developed a comprehensive online training and mentoring program for dealership owners and managers who want to develop a modern retail sales, marketing, and merchandising roadmap for their dealership. 

This page shares some of the public and private information Brian has developed for dealers to better frame their thinking and strategy for modern retail. We hope you enjoy these resource and please share them with your colleauges.


“There are a lot of moving pieces in the digital marketing world, particularly in the automotive industry. The PCG online training courses are a valuable resource for bringing newcomers to the industry up to speed and veterans ahead of the curve. The content is delivered in efficient, manageable modules that can be completed at your own pace. Regular course updates ensure the content is relevant to the dynamics of our business. The end result? Peace of mind knowing you’ve built a strong digital marketing foundation delivered by one of the most trusted thought leaders in our field.”

Ben Robertaccio, Director of Marketing, Morrie’s Auto Group


Workshops can be customized for the participants. Currently, Brian is conducting nationwide events sponsored by Spectrum and Comcast to educate their dealers on Hyper-Local Marketing, Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Digital Marketing for Sales and for Fixed Ops. Brian conducts workshops that help dealers understand how to nurture their brand and effectively use that tool in their marketing. Likewise, customized training is available at the OEM level, and often includes research that corroborates the marketing paths discussed.


“The Automotive marketing space is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace without a finish line in sight. This places an importance on independent learning. PCG focuses on the unvarnished truth within the auto marketing landscape and the importance of viewing that environment through the “dealer’s lens”. Their training allowed us to deeply understand how dealers establish media priorities and why dealer’s potentially select marketing partners. The PCG team does a great job of translating complex technology lingo into digestible curriculum which sets up everyone to succeed. Our teams completed the sessions feeling enlightened with a new enthusiasm and confidence to consultatively position our products with dealers.”

Todd Hauser, VP, Automotive Strategy Comcast Spotlight

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