Digital Retailing Consulting

We are excited to be of assistance to dealerships looking to embrace remote sales. We will provide leadership and strategies to increase local awareness of how the dealership is creating a faster, easier, and mostly online method to purchase vehicles. The local awareness will be accelerated by creating a Modern Brand Message and Brand Promise to consumers.

Our consultants will work hand in hand with your dealership leaders to develop your modern retailing vision. We will create a blueprint to develop new marketing messages, marketing assets, update website merchandising, and change consumer communication strategies to increase sales opportunities. We will work with all of your digital retailing technology partners to optimize their technology and help each dealer sell more cars online.

The 60-day consultancy project will include:

Review current marketing messages and communication channels and develop a modern brand message that will connect with the needs and concerns of consumers.

Review website merchandising to simplify call-to-action buttons and to direct and increase consumer engagement with digital retailing tools.
Work with website providers and digital retailing partners to optimize product effectiveness by reducing form fills and move engagement to conversational commerce.
Review all lead handling processes and make recommendations to improve engagement with consumers using automated tools and smart penciling tools.
Provide coaching and accountability calls to implement change management processes to reach the optimal sales strategies to increase dealership sales.
Work with sales managers to connect online engagement with digital retailing tools to the showroom visit or home delivery.
Recommend any missing pieces to digital strategy that could be added to increase awareness of the dealership’s modern retailing strategy.


One-Time Fee of $3,500.