What we do

Brian Pasch Enterprises


Offering diverse digital marketing, education, and consulting components which are vital to the auto industry, BPE’s mission is to Advocate-Educate-Elevate; advocating for transparency and accurate attribution, educating the industry players on the ever-changing digital landscape, and elevating clients to achieve success through increased knowledge and smarter planning.

What We Do Best


On a daily basis, Brian is communicating face-to-face and on social media with dealers about infinite ways to improve dealership activities. From improving customer interaction to incorporating digital retailing to inspecting Google Analytics, Brian is on the forefront of helping dealers understand and improve their sales opportunities and financial position.


Diverse opportunities are offered by BPE to help educate and motivate the auto industry about the latest digital technologies available to them. Two annual conferences, AAAS and DMSC, provide robust content about the hottest topics and areas of greatest concern. In addition, Brian offers numerous 1-2 day small learning seminars across the nation. Dealers find his books and workbooks to be enlightening and impactful for daily operations.


Dealers, ad agencies, and OEMs use Brian’s insights to improve their processes. The PCG specifications for Google Analytics have helped standardize a better understanding of cost and attribution, and Brian’s customized GA Audits help dealers ensure they are tracking ROI in the most effective way possible.