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Dealers are bombarded with vendors pitching their products, practically on a daily basis. Our proprietary research, product feedback, application testing, and customer surveys enhance product development and marketing strategies for companies selling to the automotive dealer network. By providing dealers with in-depth product reviews, feature summaries, performance testing, user interface examples, and usability data, they can independently discover products that will help improve their sales, retention, and profitability.

Vendors choose PCG (now Brian Pasch Enterprises) to complete a Research Report to accomplish different goals – often there is new technology or a new release of a product already on the market. In many cases, the company is interested in quantifying specific results, showing case studies, or confirming certain aspects of a product such as speed.

Here is why Flick Fusion

participated in a Research Report

“Our technology is new, innovative and needs a little more in-depth conversation than an elevator pitch. I was looking for a way to help dealerships understand our best-in-class technology and unique features. I saw one of Brian’s Research Reports and I knew it was the right avenue for us. Here we have a reputable third party who could talk knowledgeably to our customers. The report incorporated our customer success stories along with our behavioral and data driven components into a smart story that really resonated. We had two motives. First, we wanted to get a better understanding of how dealerships view us; second, we wanted to elevate our brand to both the vendor and dealer communities.

The response was great. Vendors were reaching out with ‘oh wow, we didn’t know you did that, tell me more!’ I was excited to see Brian keep referring to Flick Fusion and our competitive advantages for over a year. We have been able to evolve our product to fit our customers’ expectations. We got everything we were looking for.”

Tim James, COO Flick Fusion

How It Works

The process begins by collecting any beta test data, case studies, and promotional materials. Your company will deliver a live presentation of the product including a Q&A with the BPE team. A list of five dealers who are using the product or who were involved with the beta test should also be provided. Those dealers will be contacted and interviewed by the Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE) team, and those interviews are included in the Research Report. In some cases, BPE will use an email list of your existing customers to send out a survey for quantitative responses.

BPE will prepare the Research Report, typically 18-25 pages, based on an analysis of the product, customer feedback and field testing. The report will be available as a resource to the vendor and automotive dealerships on the BPE and PCG websites. The PCG Digital Marketing team will work closely with your company to effectively launch and market the Research Report. Participating in a Research Report AUTOMATICALLY enrolls the product in the selection process for the AWAs. It is also important to note that TWO UPDATES to the Research Report are included in the price.

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