Motivational speeches presented to dealers regarding their need to embrace a modern retail strategy are not new. However, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated these discussions with OEMs and dealers. Now were are at the TIPPING POINT for modern retail to really become a earlity.

Digital retailing technology is a part of the solution but leadership, marketing, and merchandising are also critical elements of a successful retail re-launch. I covered the challenges of digital retailing in the automotive industry in my book “Just Faster!


I have taken a video module out of my Automotive Manager Mentoring Program to share with dealers who are thinking of creating a modern retail experience.  This is a compilation of creative messaging to educate consumers that there is a faster, easier, mostly online way to purchase their next vehicle or service their car.

Dealer Principals who want to build the skills of their Executive Managers and Marketing Managers can enroll them here: