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Built mobile-first, the Dealer eProcess website platform is built for outstanding speed, unparalleled SEO capabilities, critical website personalization for shoppers, and a wide array of out-of-the-box features. The DEP team continuously works on new and better ways to drive consumer engagement on each dealer’s website and incorporates ways to better leverage the vast amount of shopper info they gather. Here are just a few of the DEP site features we thought dealers would find interesting:

Consumers approach shopping differently now. Maybe they’re focused on safety or technology. DEP allows the shopper to filter inventory across brands based on features such as leather seats, sunroof, third row seating – any feature that a shopper might consider important to their purchase.

The inclusion of high definition photos is immediately noticeable in the SRPs and VDPs. DEP makes it easy to scroll through vehicle photos on the SRPs so the shopper does not have to go back and forth from SRP to VDP as they inspect their different choices. DEP provides the dealer with important information about where their leads are really coming from (maybe it’s NOT the VDP) on the website so that the dealer’s website can evolve to take advantage of shopper behaviors.

Within the dealership, the sales team is provided with a detailed clickpath for each website visitor – did they visit the trade in page? What vehicles have they looked at? How fast is their journey moving? Great information so they know when to call and what to say. DEP will also send an alert if a customer has been off the grid for awhile and now suddenly revisited the dealer’s website. DEP can put customized offers in front of a shopper who may have visited the website 4-5X to incent them to engage with the dealership.