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SARA is a full-blown digital retailing tool that offers more insight into the customer’s current buying position than your standard website lead. Through the power of soft pulls and instant trade appraisals, the SARA lead provides a customer’s actual credit score, their current revolving debt, all auto loans they have, the value of their current vehicle, and the equity that they have in that vehicle.

The customer has the option for their preferred checkout method, including in-store, or delivery right to their door.  All of that data is sent directly into the CRM so that when BDC reps or salespeople speak with that customer they have all the information in hand to have a perfect conversation. SARA offers ease of use, flexibility, lead generation, and extensive data capture!

SARA solves the problem of customers understanding the nuances of finance rates, leasing, and cash payments. The tool will use the ACTUAL real-time customer soft credit pull and trade-in information, to come up with the REAL monthly payment.  Using the trade-in book that the dealer uses in store gives customers the best evaluation.