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This app is new and literally puts digital retailing in the hands of the dealership sales staff. The dealer’s inventory is available on the app and enables the sales associate to display vehicles of interest to the customer. The list of vehicles can be sorted based on best value, i.e. PVI (Payment Value Index). When the vehicle has been chosen and the down payment – and monthly payment – have been determined, the deal can be pushed to, and executed within the store’s desking solution. The sales process is dramatically shortened, sales staff time freed up, dealer margin is improved – as is the customer experience.

The mDrive answers 2 questions: What can I drive? And What are my payments? If a shopper is searching based on payment, they are able to adjust the payment on specific VINs by changing their down payment or preferred term.

Based on a customer’s input, their credit score, down payment, preferred terms and monthly payment, mDrive will display corresponding vehicles in the dealer’s inventory.

 The mDrive 2.0 app transfers lease or finance payment quotes directly into the store’s desking solution. Payments quoted reflect the dealer’s VIN-specific preferences and terms so that dealer margin is maximized.